:: Who We Are ::

In response to the increasing rate of reported cases of chronic disease such as DIABETES and OBESITY among school-aged youth in the city of Trenton, Divine Allah and Solomon Dinkins created MiNDBODY ACTiViSM. 

Since June 2014, we have committed ourselves to addressing these and other serious Health issues in and around the community.

As an extension of the ‘Legendary’ Ike Williams Boxing Academy - under the leadership of Eric ‘O’ Judkins, Solomon and Divine passionately work to combine ‘The Basics of Fitness’ with ‘The Academics of Boxing.’ Our motto is ‘Function With Purpose :: Move With Intention.

Who We Are

:: About Divine Allah ::

Co-Founder – MiNDBODY ACTiViSM

His journey onto a path of wellness began in his early teens as he watched his father suffer from the deteriorating effects of diabetes, colon and prostate cancer. Divine wondered how his father, a strong young man, could deal with the enormous amount of stress that these diseases brought to his body. He vowed to learn as much as he could about the body and what it needs to offset illness and disease.

Divine’s growing health consciousness became his lifestyle, and ever since he has strived to be an impeccable model of health for his family and his peers.

Divine believes that a healthy mind is the foundation for a healthy body. This is partly what led to the creation of MiNDBODY ACTiViSM, a community-based health and wellness program designed to inspire individuals to take charge of their health, and to promote community and youth development through exercise and physical fitness.

Inspired by the BARTENDAZ and their ‘Health Is Wealth – Movement Is Medicine’ motto, Divine has been determined to continue their mission as he motivates and inspires a ‘healthy’ [new] generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers.


:: About Solomon F. Dinkins ::


Solomon studies the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) philosophy, which promotes helping people ‘move better and move often’. His journey began in the early 70's with the explosion of Martial Arts on the big screen featured at Trenton's very own Mayfair Movie Theater.

The most influential and impactful artist of that time was Bruce Lee. Bruce left such an indelible imprint in the mind of Solomon that he took Bruce to be his personal mentor. From that point, Martial Arts became a very significant part of Solomon's character and personality. In Junior High School Solomon became interested in Boxing, and at this time he developed a close relationship with one of Trenton's own boxing champions, the legendary Sammy Goss. Even with this homegrown influence, it was the likes Sylvester Stallone and the 'Rocky' movie that pushed Solomon into the training aspect of the boxing game.

After attending Trenton Central High School, Solomon got married and joined the US Navy, he began to take Physical Fitness seriously. After the completion of his tour he became an employee with the Mercer County Dept. of Corrections as a Recreations Officer, where he trained side by side with the inmate population. 

:: Awards & Certifications ::

FMS-1 [Functional Movement Screen] * IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 * Certified/Licensed Metafit™ HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] Instructor

Divine Allah is a certified IYCA [Level 1] Youth Fitness Specialist, licensed and certified Metafit HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) instructor, certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, and certified FMS – Functional Movement Screen assessment practitioner. 

 His focus is on helping individuals build a strong fitness foundation using bodyweight training and natural movements that enhance agility, core strength and flexibility, range of motion, stability, strength, and power.

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